Session 3: Share


Add a link to your wiki on this page.

  • Click the "Edit" button.
  • Type the name of your wiki where indicated below.
  • Highlight the name of your wiki.
  • Click "Link" in the Toolbar.
  • Click "External Link".
  • Add the web address (URL) of your wiki.
  • Tick the "New Window" box.
  • Click "Add Link".
  • Click "Save" in the Toolbar.

Add a link to your wiki here:

Session 3: Share

For this final session, each person or group will share the wiki activity created today.

Some things you might explain while showing your wiki:
  • What subject, topic and year level is the activity aimed at?
  • Which skills does the activity target (i.e. collaboration, questioning, critical thinking, reflective)?
  • What further preparation do you need to do before you can implement the task?
  • What do the students do in this activity?
  • How will assess the students' achievement in this activity?

And finally, some general discussion about future developments:
  • Is the use of wikis in class something that could be further developed?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the limitations?