Session 1: Explore

Explore other wikis

Here are some wikis that you can explore for ideas.

Firstly, my wikis. These are for Year 12 classes and the main purpose is to provide the students with content summaries, images and videos, past HSC questions, and links to further information and sources.

Year 12 Ancient History
The 2007 HSC students created much of the content for the Cities of Vesuvius section. It is still an evolving site.

Year 12 Modern History
This is a new site I have been working on for next year's HSC class. It will be added to throughout the term and next year.

There is also Google which offers you free websites which you can use for class activities. I used one of these for the Europe History trip so that parents could follow the progress of the tour.
Year 11 Ancient History
This Google site was used this year for an iLe@rn project. One good this about Google sites which Wikis don't have is a Blog component.

Other Wikis:

Here is a site that has a huge list of wikis created by schools:
Examples of Educational Wikis

I've taken some subject specific wikis and linked them below:

Maths Wiki - a collaborative wiki space created and maintained by mathematics students from UK and US.
Math Outcomes
Year 7 Maths (from a Victorian school)
Ms Schmitz Geometry Honors

Science Class Wiki (USA)
Coyle's Pages (Victoria)
KGGS Physics
Here are some tips for using wikis in the Science classroom

An environmental project from a Catholic perspective

Mr Bruce's American History