Session 2: Create

Insert a Google Map

Students create a Google Map and insert it in the wiki.
Or you create a map and give students an activity to complete.

View Ancient Rome in a larger map

How do you do this?

  • Open Google maps
  • Open My Maps and create a map
  • Click "Link"
  • Where it says "Paste HTML to embed in website", copy the code
  • Go to the wiki page where you want to insert the map
  • Click "Edit this page"
  • Click "Widget"
  • Click "Map" in the left-hand column, then click "Google Maps"
  • Paste the HTML code from Google Maps into the box and click "Save"
  • Click "Save" and the map should appear on your page.

There is a whole range of other mapping tools that you can experiment with at Cool Tools For Schools.